Workshop – Introducing Architectural Lighting Design

Traço de Luz organizes a workshop about Lighting and Architecture. With and experienced and specialized team, we will talk about lighting, its language and existing systems as well as the role of Lighting in Architecture.


The Introducing Architectural Lighting Design workshop is organized in 2 parts:

  1. Lighting (2h15)

General info, Bulbs dictionary, Lighting Systems

  1. Lighting and Architecture (2h15)

Projects; Phases of the Lighting Design Project; Importance of planning; Tools to use in lighting design project

Date: 18th May 2017, Thursday, from 14h00 until 18h30

15€ (until 8th May)

We will give every participant a certificate of participation

Minimum participants: 10

Maximum participants: 30

Coordination: Diana Bencatel (Conservator) Joana Canas (Architect)