1962 Zava

1962 is a floor lamp with a painted metal structure, designed by Franco Zavarise.

1964 Big
1962 Big Zava

1962 Big is a minimalist piece made entirely of metal, designed for the Italian brand Zava.

Amedeo Zava

Amedeo is an iconic floor lamp in its simplicity and the purity of its geometric volumes.

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Andromeda Zava

Andromeda is a floor lamp that can produce an infinite number of formal configurations depending on how the various hexagonal diffusers/elements are ‘bent’.

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Arianna Zava

A lamp that is like a spool on to which to wind or unwind the electric cable, allowing it reach every corner of the room, and further still.

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Box Zava

Bookcase / lamp to complete the Box family, which pays homage to the traditional light bulb. And it does so by enclosing it in a metal frame that highlights its forms. The Box lamp can be customized with all the newest vintage-style LED bulbs.

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Box Zava

Box is a floor lamp which pays homage to the traditional light bulb. And it does so by enclosing it in a metal frame that highlights its forms. The Box lamp can be customised with all the new vintage-style LED bulbs.

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Cantiere Exterior Zava

Cantiere is an adjustable floor lamp which reminds us of technical lighting for construction sites but is revisited for home environments in a contemporary and essential way.

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Cantiere Interior Zava

Cantiere, as the name suggests, is an adjustable floor lamp that reminds us of technical lighting for construction sites, but which is revisited for domestic environments in a contemporary and essential way.

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Cosima floor
Cosima floor Zava

Cosima floor is a floor lamp that represents the very essence of light.

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Etrè Zava

Volumes that become impalpable intersecting with the void. Etrè is a collection of lamps that tiptoes in different environments. Three subtle elements stretch upwards underlining the lightness of a metal structure; only delicate pinch of color of the lamp.

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Flamenco Zava

Flamenco interprets the concept of “deconstruction” where each element of the floor lamp appears, at first glance, distinct and unencumbered by the others, as if it were a body in itself.
As for the bird whose name is echoed (the flamingo in fact, flamenco in Spanish), the individual elements find equilibrium when they are put together.
The overall effect is harmonious even in the “disharmony” of the parts. The narrow and high parallelepiped base is the beating heart of the system: it changes finish according to the environment that must accommodate it.
Proposed in marble, wood, iron or concrete, the base offers a solid base to support the stem that is grafted onto it while maintaining a slender and tapered design. In contrast, the voluminous ceiling lamp completes the whole

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Jeena Zava

Jeena is a very flexible family of lamps characterized by an important cone-shaped shade. The collection includes various suspension lamps of different diameters and shapes as well as a coordinable floor lamp.

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Meta Floor
Meta Zava

Meta has few marks, clean lines, an elementary structure: a circular disc, a ring, a cilinder, all gathered together by a tube-shaped arm that is bent to a right angle. Meta captures the essential nature of scandinavian design and adds a contemporary touch by using the latest LED technology.

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Net Floor
Net Zava

Net is a floor lamp in sheet steel with a strong sculptural inclination. The diffuser is made from a laser-cut fl at steel sheet based on concentric, alternate lines. These transform it into a thick lattice that allows the diffuser to achieve infi nite stylish solutions. It can assume simple, pure forms to adapt to discrete and minimal or complex geometric and sculptural environments giving character to and enriching homes or public spaces. When Net it is switched on it projects a pleasing decorative effect onto the walls. There are also table and pendant versions.

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Nino Floor
Nino Floor Zava

Small and powerful. The Nino Floor is a modest protagonist that knows how to get noticed. both for the quality and intensity of the light, and for its refined design and the use of high quality materials. The contrast between the brightness of the brass and the white or black elements make it a small jewel that can enhance any environment.

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