Cosima outdoor
Cosima outdoor Zava

The Cosima lamp is also available in an outdoor version. You can fix it on a base or plant it on the lawn or in a pot thanks to a special stake.

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Dot to dot
Dot to dot Outdoor Zava

The idea comes from the game in which you connect dots to see the image. Dot to dot is a componible outdoor lighting and ceiling lamp that allows you to create infinite formal solutions. The arms, that incorporate a strip of LED, are available in six different lengths and can be used individually or combined thanks to their circular junction. Outlining areas of shadows and lights, the light beam allows you to create your own light designs.

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Driyos Exterior Zava

Stripped of decorative charms and essential in finishes, Driyos Exterior has a rigorous look, characterized by clean and geometric lines.

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Mini Mini Outdoor floor
Mini Mini Zava

A Small light source, such as a small but shining star in the sky, Mini Mini is designed to be integrated into the garden. It is the conjugation of functionality and respect for the environment, does not generate light pollution and mostly blends into the natural environment thanks to the copper finish. The slender stem allows to get the desired angle and shape.

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Nino Outdoor
Nino Outdoor Zava

Small and powerful. The Nino Outdoor is a modest protagonist that knows how to get noticed. both for the quality and intensity of the light, and for its refined design and the use of high quality materials. The contrast between the brightness of the brass and the white or black elements make it a small jewel that can enhance any environment.

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Tratto Outdoor Floor
Tratto Outdoor Zava

Tratto Outdoor is a floor lamp. When you want to create a high-level lighting design, you have to find the balance between the quality and power of light on the one side, and design on the other. Light and design must play together and neither element must dominate the other. This is the idea at the base of Tratto Outdoor, a system that is elegant and minimalist at the same time, created to accompany the challenges of the most demanding designers.

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