Alioth Applique
Alioth Applique Zava

Power, efficiency and flexibility distinguish the Alioth Applique LED wall & ceiling lamp. A dynamic solution to intelligently illuminate any environment. Alioth Applique is an example of lighting at its most refined and versatile.

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Amedeo Zava

Amedeo is an iconic wall lamp in its simplicity and the purity of its geometric volumes.

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Andromeda Zava

Andromeda is a wall lamp that can produce an infinite number of formal configurations depending on how the various hexagonal diffusers/elements are ‘bent’.

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Arianna Zava

A lamp that is like a spool on to which to wind or unwind the electric cable, allowing it reach every corner of the room, and further still.

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Box Zava

Box is a wall lamp which pays homage to the traditional light bulb. And it does so by enclosing it in a metal frame that highlights its forms. The Box lamp can be customised with all the new vintage-style LED bulbs.

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Cantiere Exterior Zava

Cantiere, like the name suggests, is a lamp which reminds us of technical lighting for construction sites but is revisited for home environments in a contemporary and essential way.

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Cantiere Interior Zava

Cantiere, like the name suggests, is a lamp which reminds us of technical lighting for construction sites but is revisited for home environments in a contemporary and essential way.

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Cosima Zava

Cosima is an extremely flexible wall or ceiling lamp that stimulates the designer’s creativity. It can be used individually but also allows you to create personalized compositions on walls or imagine spectacular suspended solutions even in large environments.

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Crack Zava

Created in painted metal. The bulb’s light is softened by a Plexiglas covering.

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Cyrcle applique
Cyrcle applique Zava

The wall version of the Cyrcle lamp takes up the simple, geometric shape of the pendant lamp: an aluminium circle, available in different finishes, slightly bent in the middle, projecting a warm, soft light onto the wall.

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Dot to dot
Dot to dot Zava

The idea comes from the game in which you connect dots to see the image. Dot to dot is a componible applique lamp that allows you to create infinite formal solutions. The arms, that incorporate a strip of LED, are available in six different lengths and can be used individually or combined thanks to their circular junction. Outlining areas of shadows and lights, the light beam allows you to create your own light designs.

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Driyos naked
Driyos naked Zava

Simple signs which encapsulate functionality and come to life with trendy colors: Driyos Naked, minimal version of Driyos lamp, adapts to any environment and needs.

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Etrè Zava

Volumes that become impalpable intersecting with the void. Etrè is a collection of lamps that tiptoes in different environments. Three subtle elements stretch upwards underlining the lightness of a metal structure; only delicate pinch of color of the lamp.

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Flow Zava

In an increasingly noisy world, light is a welcome form of silent energy. The same grace and composure are represented by Flow, a wall lamp that aims to reach a new dialogue with the architecture that hosts it. The clean and soft shapes of Flow enhance the role of light: Flow becomes an irresistible attraction for the watchful eye that knows how to grasp the elegant message of great respect for the light that gives it life. The front view of Flow presents the rigor of the circle, but the softness of the surface hat constitutes the body offers a measured sensuality. Last but not least, Flow’s design is enhanced by the great knowledge and manufacturing ability with the metal that Zava has matured over the years.

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Hook Zava

Hook is a customisable wall support that turns any ZAVA lampshade working with e27 and GU10 into wall lamps. Hook is characterized by its rotating arm of almost 180° and variable in height and length according to need. Hook is a perfect system for lighting contract spaces but also for domestic environments: in a corridor, or on a dining table.

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Lady Cage
Lady Cage Zava

Inspired by the old-fashioned workshop light. The rough Lady Cage shows off the most classic of shades and dreams of being a real Lady. A black outfit is a must for the occasion, but it is also available in white and chrome versions. Also available the outdoor version.

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