Amedeo Zava

Amedeo is an iconic floor lamp in its simplicity and the purity of its geometric volumes.

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Andromeda Zava

Andromeda is a wall lamp that can produce an infinite number of formal configurations depending on how the various hexagonal diffusers/elements are ‘bent’.

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Box Zava

Box is a floor lamp which pays homage to the traditional light bulb. And it does so by enclosing it in a metal frame that highlights its forms. The Box lamp can be customised with all the new vintage-style LED bulbs.

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Cosima Zava

Cosima is an extremely flexible wall or ceiling lamp that stimulates the designer’s creativity. It can be used individually but also allows you to create personalized compositions on walls or imagine spectacular suspended solutions even in large environments.

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Cosima outdoor
Cosima outdoor Zava

The Cosima lamp is also available in an outdoor version. You can fix it on a base or plant it on the lawn or in a pot thanks to a special stake.

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Cosima table
Cosima table Zava

Cosima table is a table lamp that represents the very essence of light.

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Cyrcle Mini
Cyrcle Mini Zava

There is also the Cyrcle ‘Mini’ version, a lamp perfect for creating multiple compositions, which draw the space with their delicate luminous presence.

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Dema Set of table and stools
Dema Zava

Set of table and stools cone-shaped, joined by a ring and topped by a metal disc. This is Dema. A system of coordinated bar tables and high stools (with or without backs). Dema is a very characterized and unique line of its kind, thanks to its ironic and unmistakable design.

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Driyos Zava

Stripped of decorative charms and essential in finishes, Driyos has a rigorous look, characterized by clean and geometric lines.

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Driyos Exterior Zava

Stripped of decorative charms and essential in finishes, Driyos Exterior has a rigorous look, characterized by clean and geometric lines.

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Fenex Zava

Fenex is a portable – rechargeable table lamp with a simple but evocative line. Its shape reminiscent of an inverted glass has been specifically designed to create the maximum diffusion of light around itself. Fenex can be customized with a chrome or colored detail so that it can coordinate with any environment.

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Mec Applique
Mec Applique Zava

The Mec Applique system consists of a family of wall lamps for indoor and outdoor use. These are single or dual emission wall or ceiling lamps. A line of perfect lamps for illuminating walls, corridors, public spaces, meeting rooms, public places… but also arcades, driveways, gardens and terraces. In short, the Mec Applique lamp system elegantly illuminates any type of space, indoors or outdoors.

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Meridium Zava

Light as a tool for measuring time. A collection of lamps inspired by ancient sundials: the solar clock reappears as an lighting objet for interior.
The new context subverts the relationship between shadow and light: the dial turns into a disk and the gnomon gives way to a metal profile, which itself becomes a light vector. The end-user is becoming master and creator of his own lamp, moving the magnetic light source at will to direct the flow and create ever-changing light and shade effects on the surface of the lamp.

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Meta Wall light
Meta Zava

Meta is an adjustable wall lamp, available on metal supports in different shapes and sizes. The light source, which is a ring structure, contains a latest-generation LED light technology that reflects on the plate which can be round, square or rectangular.

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Meta applique
Meta Zava

Meta has few marks, clean lines, an elementary structure: a circular disc, a ring, a cilinder, all gathered together by a tube-shaped arm that is bent to a right angle. Meta captures the essential nature of scandinavian design and adds a contemporary touch by using the latest LED technology.

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Mini Mini Outdoor floor
Mini Mini Zava

A Small light source, such as a small but shining star in the sky, Mini Mini is designed to be integrated into the garden. It is the conjugation of functionality and respect for the environment, does not generate light pollution and mostly blends into the natural environment thanks to the copper finish. The slender stem allows to get the desired angle and shape.

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